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Why Sell On Shopify And Not Just Amazon - 13 Reasons!

May 26, 2022

Why sell on Shopify and not just Amazon? In this conversation we explore 13 reasons it's wise to add Shopify to your sales channel mix and not sell exclusively on Amazon. We discuss:

  1. Owning the customer data including email addresses
  2. Directly owning the shopping cart experience
  3. Ability to do upsells, additional offers, creative bundles
  4. Ability to track via pixel data - analytics
  5. Segmenting your audience for special marketing activities
  6. Affiliate marketing strategies
  7. Building your empire on your own land vs. rented property.
  8. Avoiding black hat competitor tactics on Amazon that can ... 
  9. Get your Amazon account shut down... that leads to 
  10. Loss of revenue from getting your Amazon account suspended
  11. Needing to plead guilty to something in the Amazon bureaucracy to get your account re-instated
  12. Needing to hire an Ex-Amazon employee or Attorney to do account remediation
  13. Avoiding the weird three way love triangle that happens between you-customers-and Amazon

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