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The E-commerce Leader: Strategies For Shopify Store Owners

The E-commerce Leader: Strategies For Shopify Store Owners

Hosted by: Jason Miles & Kyle Hamar

For owners of thriving online businesses who want to be the ecommerce leader they know they can be! Co-hosted by Jason Miles and Kyle Hamar, co-founders of www.omnirocket.com


Lifetimely - Ten Reasons It's Awesome

Season #5

Season 5 begins with a new co-host - Kyle Hamar! In this conversation we discuss LifeTimely, an app that many of our clients use because it provides deep insight into your marketing numbers. Learn more about the power...
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6 Vital questions for your eCommerce business end of year review

The year is winding down, and as an e-commerce brand owner, it's time to take a deep breath and dive into your annual review.
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4 Things Every Email Welcome Series Needs – Tip Of The Week

The Welcome Email Series is a powerful way to automate email marketing. In this video we discuss 4 elements that need to be in your email welcome series.
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3 Key Annual Business Review Questions to Power You into 2024

As you look back on the year you’ve just finished,, conducting an annual business review is crucial for every e-commerce entrepreneur.
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Packaging Tips For e-Commerce Sellers – Tip Of The Week

This week we discuss how to create high quality packaging for your e-commerce business. Understand the impact and benefit of spending time and effort on your product packaging.
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Surviving The Product Search Wars – Amazon Vs. Google – Tip Of The Week

In this week’s Tip Of The Week video, we discuss a recent survey that helps clarify the answer for us – and gives us insight into changes in the e-commerce landscape and how to survive the product search wars as an...
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Launching Your 1st Private Label Product

The allure of private label products for e-commerce brand owners is undeniable. Imagine owning a product from concept to completion, tailored to your specific brand identity and customer base, with the potential for...
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Pre-Launch for Your 1st Private Label Product

Launching your first private label product is an exciting step in your e-commerce journey. But before you hit that "publish" button, there's crucial groundwork to lay.
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Social Contests For Massive Traffic – Training Updates And Strategies – Tip Of The Week

Tip Of The Week: Earlier this week Kyle and I sat down to discuss Pinterest and Shopify and how they can be used together for e-commerce success.
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Master Contract Manufacturing: How to Get Your 1st Amazon Product Mass produced

As an e-commerce brand owner, you may have a fantastic product idea that you're eager to share with the world. However, before you can launch your product on Amazon and start reaping the rewards of your...
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Maximum Traffic From Minimum Content – Tip Of The Week

In this week's video Kyle and I discuss how to get maximum traffic from minimum blog content using 3 tools. We share specific examples that we are using to grow one of our brands.
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Brand Power: How to Create a Strong Identity and Packaging for Your First Amazon Brand

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, creating a strong brand identity is essential for success. This is especially true for businesses selling on Amazon, where there are millions of products competing for...
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