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The Oldboy Longboard Story: Private Label Success

Feb 18, 2022

About This Video: In this conversation Kyle shares details on his Oldboy Skateboard Private Label Brand that he launched in January and is now selling over $10,000 a month on Amazon.

Yes, we share the details! In this video we discuss how and why Private Label sellers can (and should) expand beyond Amazon by using Shopify (and when they shouldn't).

(note: the audio controls are on the bottom right corner of the video player

Special Note: The July Small Group we mentioned in this video is now closed. But the Dropshipping/Private Label course we mention in this video is now available on Udemy For Free! Get it here:  Shopify Dropshipping & Private Label The Easy Way. Yes, over four hours of Dropshipping & Private Label Training, totally free! We would love to have you go through the training as our gift.



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