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Workshop: From Amazon To Shopify

Jul 08, 2021

Presentation Highlights:

1:30: The reason to consider going from Amazon To Shopify.

4:54: How much time are you spending going from idea to idea without a solid long-term plan?

5:30: The real problem we are all trying to solve for as e-commerce sellers.

6:08: What can be achieved when you begin to solve the real problem.

8:00: Example - how one simple product can create dramatic wealth.

11:00: Our story and why we're so passionate about helping business owners sell online.

15:55: Is your current sales system creating the result you want?

16:50: The 4-Tests Of A Successful Brand - and how to pass them.

17:00 Test #1

18:00 Test #2

19:00 Test #3

20:40 Test #4

22:30 The Lean Startup Method-For Shopify Sellers

28:15: Overcoming the 3 biggest challenges of creating a successful Shopify Ecommerce website.

28:30: Challenge #1 - The biggest challenge with launching a successful Shopify site.

30:30: Challenge #2 - Overcoming the most difficult part of managing a Shopify website.

32:55: Challenge #3 - The Direct Response Marketer's challenge applied to Shopify e-commerce.

33:55: The simple formula to make a Shopify e-commerce website work effectively.

35:52: The 3 things you need to succeed on Shopify explained.

36:20: What would it feel like if six months from now you had a professional and profitable Shopify site set up in support of a thriving brand?

37:26: If Shopify is right for you - you have two paths going forward.

38:00: Why we want to work more closely with people moving forward.

42:00: The highest rated Shopify course on Udemy is...

44:22: Q&A


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Jason Miles


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