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Why Marketing Your Shopify Site Can Be Emotionally Challenging

Mar 11, 2021

Lots of people want to make a product, run a company, or be a business mogul. 

Fewer people want to be the chief marketer and salesperson for a specific product.

But if you launch a Shopify site, you are launching a professional career as the chief marketer, spokesperson, and salesperson for your products, your brand, and your website. These roles can mean different things for different companies and industries, but bottom line, you're responsible for selling the product.

You have to be emotionally comfortable selling either directly or indirectly and ideally both. Or you have to get emotionally comfortable over time. As with all things in business - you either do it yourself - or you manage someone who's job is to do it (and in that way - you're still responsible).

Emotional Comfort With Selling Directly

Anyone can say the phrase, "here is my new product and I'd love to tell you more about it." But for some people uttering those words exacts a crushing emotional toll.

So you know in your gut if you're ready to sign-up to be the chief marketer for your new Shopify site. If you are feeling very sad as you read these words, because you know you're not comfortable being the chief marketer, keep reading, I have a workable solution for you.

Refining Your Direct Selling Skills

Of course, no one likes it when their Facebook friends constantly share about a multi-level marketing organization they are a part of knowing that the intention is to sign you up. You don't need to embarrass yourself online or offline to be an effective chief marketer.

To get good at being a chief marketer, you need to master these skills:

  1. Getting in front of the right audience
  2. Working with people who are desperate for your product
  3. Positioning your product as a benefits packed solution to their urgent problems in a calm, cool, matter-of-fact way.

The Art Of Indirect Selling

E-commerce selling is by nature - indirect. You use photos and words to position a product. Your shopping card rings up the order. The USPS person hands the customer the item. Your website review tool collects the customer's impressions, happiness, or complaint.

You don't have to ever be face-to-face. So in this context, being the chief marketer is about organizing your efforts to get the right message in front of the right audience.

The best marketers don't ever share the wrong message with the wrong audience.

And most of the awkward moments in sales activities come when the wrong message is shared with people who don't want to hear it.

So our ideal chief marketer will be dedicated enough to find the right audience, creative enough to share a benefits packed message that positions the product as a solution, and emotionally comfortable enough with the activities involved to keep doing it over and over.

Veteran chief marketers are learning machines that continuously refine how to find the right audience, how to craft a compelling message for that audience, and how to measure the outcomes over and over until the financial results are maximized.

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