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Where To Sell Online - Part Two

Oct 08, 2021

NOTE: This is "Part Two" of the conversation related to our new upcoming training course. If you missed part one,  you can watch the full hour "Go Live" here

Do you know where you should sell online to maximize profit and minimize effort? 

That question haunts me! The answer is NOT as simple as it appears. "Sell Everywhere" is not realistic or even ideal. The choice is much more complicated than that! I've been working hard to answer this important question in a professional way. I've been Reading everything I can. Doing research on other "Omni-channel" literature. And I want to share all my findings with you. So we're thrilled to announce that our Inner Circle training topic for the month of December is... 

Where To Sell Online In 2018

 Watch Our Facebook Conversation Livestream Replay: We are also doing public Facebook discussions to kick off this critical topic. Watch as we discuss the high level questions, and provide insights to help you answer the 4 Basic Questions that are the basis for our framework. We made a companion worksheet which you can download here. This work will ultimately culminate in a Udemy course as well. 

Watch the first Facebook Live Discussion here: 


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