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What Is The Best Platform For A Blog?

Nov 13, 2020

Hi friends, 

An active blog can add a lot of value to your business, and it all starts with choosing the right platform to build it on. In this Tip Of The Week video, we talk about the use cases and differences between Shopify and Wordpress for blogging.

Watch the video...and let us know how you use your blog!


0:30 Jason generated 24,000 Blog Comments in 12 Days

0:45 Which Platform Is Better For Blogging? Shopify or Wordpress? 

1:00 Jason’s First Blog on

1:33 The Differences Between Shopify and Wordpress

1:42 What Is Your Use Case For The Blog?

2:34 Difference between and

3:00 Avoid Self-Hosted Blog Sites

3:58 Blogging On Shopify Integrates With Your E-Commerce

4:48 The Downside To Using A Shopify Blog

5:13 A Shopify App For Making Your Blog Look Better

5:30 Shopify Supports Multiple Blogs On Your Website

6:05 Improved SEO Functionality on Shopify

7:02 Cost For Blogging On Shopify and Wordpress

7:52 A Good Idea To Integrate Both? 

9:43 Don’t Go Cheap With Hosting

Case Study: Over 24,000 Blog Comments In 12 Days

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