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The 32 Habits Of Ecommerce Rainmakers (Part Two)

Nov 18, 2021

About Our New Project: After working with over 11,000 e-commerce sellers in the last two years, we've identified 32 high-performance habits. It's time to share them.

We are going to vodcast about them weekly, discussing three of the habits at a time. We will share the videos as we go, so join us as we discuss these powerful attributes.

When the video project is over, and all 32 habits are shared, we'll publish this as an ebook and also launch it as a free course on Udemy. Our goal is to go from working with 11,000 students to over 20,000, so do us a huge favor and share this with your e-commerce friends, groups, and networks.

Watch The Prior Video: The 32 Habits Of E-commerce Rainmakers Part One

The 32 Habits Of E-commerce

Rainmakers Part Two

Hi friends, 

Welcome to the 2nd Live-stream video, In it we discuss Habit 4, 5, and 6. We also reveal the 2nd primary section of our content - a focus on the attitudes of E-commerce Rainmakers. I think you'll really enjoy this conversation as we talk about the attitudes that underly the routines and habits of successful e-commerce sellers. 

In Case You Missed It

Here is the first video in our series: The 32 Habits Of E-commerce Rainmakers (Part One)


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We hope these resources are helpful today! 

Honored to be of help,


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