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The 2 Crushing Emotions That Shut Down Shopify Sellers

Apr 25, 2024

On Sunday morning at church, the minister talked about a retreat he went on and what he learned. I was thinking about branding and marketing. It all got mixed up in my mind.

The minister said,

Shame is the master emotion because it prevents us from expressing many other emotions. Shame tells us we are not enough. We are not complete. We are not sufficient. 

I said,

So, new marketers can struggle with feeling ashamed of their brand or product. They can feel like their solution is not enough. That their brand or product is not adequate. It can stop them from doing their best work. So new marketers and brand builders need to be unashamed of their work and boldly declare what they are doing!

The Minister said,

The problem with shame is that it causes us to retreat inward and pull back from connecting with other people. Without vulnerability, you won't go deep in a relationship. 

I said,

If the marketer doesn't become vulnerable enough with customers to share authentically about the product and brand they won't attract customers that are willing to know, like, and trust them.

The minister said,

The reason we hold back is because when you make yourself vulnerable you expose yourself to both deeper relationships, but also criticism and judgment. Then fear comes into play - many of us fear criticism and avoid it at all costs.

I said,

So the thing the marketers want (customers to know, like, and trust them and their product) is directly tied to becoming more vulnerable to both criticism and maybe competition too. The fear of criticism and competition and the shame from other people's judgment holds marketers back from boldly marketing their brand or product.

The minister said,

Brokenness isn't a bad thing - phony-ness is! No one is perfect - and we shouldn't expect perfection from each other. But if we are fake with each other and put up a facade out of fear or shame, we block authentic relationships.

I said, 

So a brand or product manager shouldn't worry about perfection. imperfection isn't a bad thing, (how many products are perfect)? But a phony brand is a bad thing. Because a phony brand lacks ANY possibility of bonding with people because the marketer hasn't shared enough about it to create both vulnerability and authentic relationships. 

The minister said,

You've got to push through the fear of criticism and reveal the truth of your journey.

I said,

Marketers need to push through the fear of criticism and reveal the truth of their brand and product journey!

The minister said,

What is shaming you? What is holding you back from sharing authentically? 

I said,

Man, this minister knows a lot about branding and marketing! 

Then we prayed.

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Grateful for the chance to be of help,

Jason & Kyle


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