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Social Contests For Massive Traffic - Training Updates And Strategies

Oct 21, 2021

Hi friends,

Earlier this week Kyle and I sat down to discuss our Social Contest Blueprints training, why we LOVE this marketing strategy - and the amazing results we are seeing students have - plus new insights and lessons. 

Here are some of the highlights:

1:10 Can Manta Rays Kill You When You Swim With Them In Hawaii?

1:30 Our Huge Announcement, We Are Changing Our Name To...

2:30 Why Social Contests Is One Of Our Favorite Topics

4:40 How Leda Art Journals Used Social Contests To Get 4,000 Emails

5:00 Social Contests Used To Grow Instagram by 300%

5:30 The Power Of Engagement Via Social Contests

6:15 Contest Tip: "Live Reveal" Of Your Winner & Add A 2nd Prize

6:45 The Q4 Inventory Liquidation Secret Weapon - Contests! 

7:45 Our Relaunch Of The Social Contest Blueprints Training

8:20 The Highest Rated Udemy Course I've Ever Had

8:50 Our Upcoming Course+Coaching Program Option

9:30 Social Contests Vs. A Coupon-Centric Marketing Mindset

10:30 The Coupon-Code Your Way Out Of Business Problem

11:30 The Reason I Love Doing Contests, "People _____ ________"

12:30 Going Beyond Transactional E-commerce Selling

13:10 The Flexibility Of The Contest Format

13:35 Contests Are Super Cheap Compared To Advertising

14:30 Paid Ads On Top Of Organic Sharing To Boost Contests

15:00 What Have We Learned About Contests Since October

16:30 Jason's Contest Facebook Ads That Return 300+%

18:00 Monetizing Your Contests With An Offer

18:42 The Strategies Related To Multiple Opt-in Methods

19:30 Why Online Sellers Don't Use Contests More

20:20 How Brands Tie Social Contests Into Their Social Media

23:15 The Accountability Of Doing A Course With Others

25:02 Using The Checklist Instead Of Stumbling Through

 I hope you'll take the time to add social contests to your marketing mix!


 P.P.S Don't forget to pick up a copy of one of our bestselling paperback, ebook, or audiobooks on Amazon!


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Jason Miles



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