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Shopify Store Launch Success Guide (Introduction)

Aug 19, 2021

It's a huge honor to have taught almost 6,000 students how to set up a Shopify store via our popular Shopify Power course on Udemy. And an even bigger honor to get to personally coach and mentor a smaller group via our Inner Circle program!

But the #1 challenge our students face is how to launch their store successfully. How to actually get it to a point where it is "ready for prime time". They ask about it frequently with questions like this,

"I feel stuck - I'm not sure how to successfully launch my Shopify store?"

This can be a huge frustration. It leads to confusion, discouragement, and feeling like a failure. Sadly, many students get stuck at this barrier and never move past it. They let their Shopify project languish for a few months, then ultimately cancel their Shopify subscription and chalk it up to "another good idea that didn't work." 

I know the feeling! I have had more failed websites that you can imagine. But thankfully, my wife and I (working together), got past the launch barrier and launched www.pixiefaire.com in the summer of 2013. I'm so glad we did. Today we average over 50,000 transactions a month and have sold millions online - all because we pushed through the confusion and doubt - and launched successfully.

And we're not alone... lots of stores owners blast past this hurdle and go on to find real (exciting) success using Shopify! At Winning On Shopify we've documented many of these success stories and used it to create our Shopify Growth Hacking program. But new and exciting examples are being created all the time. Here is one I just discovered: 

Case Study: From Zero To 3.3 Million visitors In 6 Months.

Take a look at, www.shoploganpaul.com. At the time of this writing, this Shopify site is the 7th MOST trafficked Shopify site on the Internet, (out of over 500,000 Shopify sites). Amazingly, it was launched just 6 months ago and sells primarily tee shirts in support of Logan Paul, a Youtube vlogger with 11 Million followers. 

Of course, you can say he has a massive unfair advantage - having a built in Youtube audience, and you'd be right. But there is no denying the austonishing site growth. Here is his site stats from www.similarweb.com, Not surprisingly, almost all his site traffic comes from Youtube.

A Structured Site Launch Blueprint

This month I'll help answer the site launch question in a structured and detailed way by creating a simple 4-part series that outlines the exact, step-by-sep activities I'd recommend you take to launch your site successfully.

My goal is to get you up and running with a thriving, impressive, customer friendly and financially healthy Shopify site. A site with lots of daily visitors that actually buy things, join your customer list, and become part of your repeat buyers. How will we do it? 

Success Guide Overview: I'll break this 4-Part Series into 4 time periods. If you'll follow this guide, and do these action steps, then in 48 days, you're going to have a functional Shopify site that has customers coming to it - and happily buying. Here are the time periods: 

  • 24-13 Days Prior To Your Launch
  • 12-1 Days Prior To Your Launch
  • Launch Day!
  • 1-12 Days After Your Launch
  • 13-24 Days After Your Launch

In-Depth Topics We'll Cover: For each of these time periods we will focus our efforts on 4 categories of prep work. They are:

Prep Work Topic #1 - Site Technicals: I'll guide you through getting your site polished, functional, and fully ready for real customers that purchase successfully. The goal will be to have a minimum viable Shopify site that looks and works great.

Important Sidenote About Who This Launch Success Guide Is Right For: Of course this launch guide assumes that you already have a brand designed and product figured out and that you've already gotten your Shopify site build underway. If you don't have a product or brand, I recommend you take our Shopify Growth Hacking Course. If you don't have your Shopify site under construction yet, I recommend you take my Shopify Growth Hacking course.

Prep Work Topic #2 - Product Strategies: I'll walk you through a blueprint for refining and organizing your product strategy to maximize your opportunity to attract, sell, upsell, and then ultimately resell to customers. The goal will be to maximize for three crucial variables:

  1. Number Of Customers (with a distinction between free and paying).
  2. Average Order Value (how much they spend during 1 transaction).
  3. Long-Term Customer Value (The average life-time value of each customer).

Prep Work Topic #3 - Promotion Strategies: I'll walk you through the set-up of a series of promotional giveaways and social contests that will enable you to generate massive traffic, enthusiasm, and customer buy-in. Plus a ton of good will.

Prep Work Topic #4 - Communication Strategies: A blueprint for communicating with your customers including when to communicate with them, what to say to them, and how to do actually send the communications.

Course Schedule: I'll be sharing this information on the following schedule:

  • September 8th: Part One (24-13 Days Prior To Your Launch)
  • September 15th: Part Two (12-1 Days Prior To Your Launch)
  • September 22nd: Part Three (1-12 Days After Your Launch)
  • September 29th: Part Four (13-24 Days After Your Launch)

Choose Your Launch Date Now: The most critical decision you can make right now is your launch date and make it an absolute commitment to yourself, your business partners, your customers, and your family. When I want to pick a date for a launch I do a very public declaration - so the widest possible audience knows about it. That way, I have the pressure of their expectations to hold me accountable. So shout your date from the rooftops! Look at your calendar right now and pick a date. Write it down. Get a Sharpie and write it on your hands. Post about it publicly on social media. Tell the world. 

"Hey everyone, I am so exciting, it's official, I am launching my awesome new website on  ________ I'd love your encouragement and moral support as I work to get it all set up."  

Get Ready For A Wild 48 Days: I hope you'll take this journey with me. I hope you'll make the commitment to yourself, your business, customers, and family that your new Shopify site is a priority. As I mentioned previously if you're not ready to follow the Launch Success Guide because your site, brand, or products are not ready just yet, then be sure to jump into our prior courses to get ready to launch.


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