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New Video: Shopify Site Launch Success Guide Introduction

Sep 10, 2021

Before we share this week's Shopify Site Launch Guide article, we thought we'd mention that Jeff Walker's (FREE & No-Opt-In Required) Product Launch Workshop videos are currently available (until Friday 9/15 at midnight Pacific). Look for us! We are featured in the "Case Studies" section. And we are also offering a massive bonus - 1 year of our Inner Circle membership program for free if you purchase Jeff's course. We've included more information at the bottom of this post.

Introductory Video

We recorded an introductory video for our new Shopify Site Launch Success Guide Training. It provides the "big picture" overview of the topic, as well as details about how we've structured the training and what topics are included. Check it out...

And, if you haven't seen them yet, the prior blog posts for this series include the following posts. We will continue to expand on this topic with new blog post articles throughout the month!

The Shopify Site Launch Success Guide Introduction

The Shopify Site Launch Success Guide Part One

The Shopify Site Launch Success Guide Part Two



Ps. Internet legend Jeff Walker is currently conducting his free Product Launch training series and we'd highly encourage you to go through it. But hurry, it will be closed on Friday night (September 15th, at midnight Pacific) and the videos will be removed from the Internet and not available again until he re-opens the program next year.

We are offering a special bonus - if you purchase Jeff's course - we'll give you free access for a full year to our Inner Circle program. Learn More About Our Offer Here.

Look For Me & Learn About My Shopify Site Startup: It was an honor to be featured in Jeff's workshop as a featured Case Study. You can see our story on the Case Studies Page:


His full workshop is only live until Friday (9/15), and then he takes it down until his next launch (next year). I'd really encourage you to watch his videos ...take notes... it really is the best free product launch training you'll find online!


So do yourself a huge favor and watch Jeff's full video series and learn from him. His system works. Here is a link to the entire Product Launch Workshop Video Series:


Full-disclosure - If you end up buying his course via my links he'll share the sale with me...  :) which is cool! But NOT the reason I did the testimonial or talk about PLF. Again, the free training by itself is outstanding and totally worth your time and effort to watch.


If you'd like additional training and coaching to achieve your Shopify goals, consider applying for our coaching program today!

Jason Miles


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