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Is Google Referring Less Traffic To Websites?

Aug 19, 2022

Hi friends, 

What If Google Started Referring Less Traffic To E-commerce Sellers? (Wait, It's Already Happening)...

SparkToro Founder Rand Fishkin’s recent keynotes have emphasized a shocking new trend – Google appears to be referring less and less traffic to websites and keeping more of it on their own web properties. Proof...

Rand Fishkin's Keynote About Google Search Traffic


Pioneered On Youtube: You might remember Youtube used to send a lot of traffic to websites, then the organic referrals dried up and now hardly any organic traffic comes off of Youtube. The result, it forced marketers to pay for traffic if they wanted it. Genius for the Google bottomline, but it hurts the little e-commerce sellers and shifts the advantage to the larger sellers (aka people that have marketer budgets).

Then Implemented At Facebook:You may have heard me talk about how Facebook started a steady march of lowering it's referral traffic - implementing the same playbook - forcing marketers to pay for traffic. Again, genius for the Facebook bottomline, but it hurts the entry level e-commerce sellers and shifts the benefits toward e-commerce sellers that have marketing dollars to spend). Here is a chart that shows the Facebook multi-year referral traffic decline:

Google Search Referral Traffic On The Decline: Now it seems Google Search is doing the same thing! If you get free traffic from Google Organic Search to your website or products, expect it to decline (see chart above). And let me point out the obvious - massive companies don't "Let" things like this happen. They engineer it. This is their plan.  

How To Identify The Change & What To Do About It: This has huge potential impact on e-commerce sellers – in this week’s Tip Of The Week video we discuss it. Watch The Video Here:

Watch The Full Video Now: In this week's video we discuss the topic, and brainstorm solutions to ensure that e-commerce sellers remain successful. Watch The Full Conversation & Get Our Tips & Recommendations For Solving This New Problem:

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