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How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Aug 27, 2018

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How To Get Traffic From Pinterest: Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers is a public number listed on your Pinterest Profile. It gives you an indication of how well your Pinterest viewership is going. Here is a screenshot from The Pixie Faire Pinterest Profile that shows our current number (as of 2/14/21):


In-Depth Video Explains How To Get Massive Traffic Video: In this Tip Of The Week, we share 1 core strategy for blowing up your Pinterest Monthly Viewers so you can drive massive traffic to your website. Note: The numbers mentioned in this video are now very low compared to the current monthly views, (which only proves the strength of Jason's recommendations).


 (note: the audio controls are on the bottom right corner of the video player

Additional Resources: Here are a set of related resources:

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Pinterest Power Book (old, but still valid).



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