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How To Find A Good Shopify Site Management Agency: 3 Tips

Oct 27, 2023

Hi friends, 

Lots of people are dreaming of a successful Shopify site these days.

They know that if you can build a direct-to-consumer website, they'll bypass the struggles and drama of selling on Amazon or eBay. Or, add Shopify to those sales channels and business will boom.

They dream of having complete control, better margins, and a site that can be sold for a big payoff someday.

So what's the problem?

In short, building and then managing the site professionally can be a challenge. There are 3 things that stand as roadblocks.

Professional Look: The visual presentation of the homepage is a key part of making the site look like a high-quality shopping destination. A place a first-time customer can trust. Whether you do it yourself or hire an agency, it must be done professionally.

Optimal Functionality: Shopify sites need to be configured so that you can make as big a sale as possible to a growing group of enthusiastic customers who return to buy more.

The little talked-about truth is that these high-quality outcomes don't generally happen unless you understand the various apps that can be used and how they can be added to your site to enhance results.

Advertiseable Site: If you spend money advertising a poorly optimized Shopify site, you'll probably have bad results. Sure, the reason could be the ads. But it could also be because the site's conversion rate and average order values are too low - your site hasn't been set up for optimal performance. In these cases, the ads will perform poorly. You may blame the ads, or your ad manager, but in fact, it's the site's fault.

This puts you in a sad loop that can drag on for years.

Advertise and waste money. Find another ad manager and try again. Advertise and waste money. Find another ad manager and try again. Advertise and waste money. Find another ad manager and try again.

Been there?

Why Am I Telling You All Of This?

Over the last year, we've quietly begun directly managing Shopify sites for clients - helping them run their Shopify sites successfully so they can reach their business goals.

From 2017-2022, we only offered education and performance consulting (which we still do). We've helped educate over 40,000 Shopify site owners in that way.

But we frequently found that we'd recommend actions that the client needed to take on their site - to improve the Professional Look of the site or the Optimal Functionality - and the work wouldn't get done.

Our advice would go unimplemented because the Shopify store owner didn't know how to do the work and had no one on their team who could do it. Often, the clients needed to learn how to do complicated Shopify set-up tasks. And honestly, they didn't want to - they wanted someone to do it for them. They wanted to focus on running the business.

So, we added "done-for-you" Shopify Management Services to our core offers for all these reasons. And we've been thrilled to be of service as we build and manage Shopify sites.

We build and manage Shopify sites with Professional Looks and Optimal Functionality. We implement proven best practices for our clients quickly and easily. We do it for them and then show them what we've done so they can learn too - if they want.

We also manage advertising, email marketing, and social media accounts for clients. We're adding expertise to these challenging areas.

The coolest part is that we have a growing team of talented developers, graphic artists, social media coordinators, and advertising experts. All are quietly working hard to achieve success for our clients.

So, how have we been doing? Last month (September) is a good sample of the data. The Shopify sites we manage had the following consolidated results:

Consolidated September Results For Sites Under Our Management:

Revenue: $376,932
Site Visits: 142,392
Total Orders: 11,028
Ave. Conversion Rate: 4.32%
New Customers Acquired: 2,173

We're passionate about improving these numbers for our clients.

So, if you're an established e-commerce operator with business revenue in the 1 to 10 million range - and interested in learning more about how we can support your Shopify goals - we'd love to chat. Just book a session here.

If you are looking for an agency that can support your goals, I'd recommend you ask them three questions:

#1 - Have they ever run their own Shopify site - and if so - can they share the URL with you and the sales history? This will reveal whether they can do (in the real world of competitive marketing) what they say they can do for you. (we've run over 3 million orders through our Shopify site since 2013).
#2 - Have they been acknowledged as a leader in the industry? Anyone can take an online course and learn to set up a Shopify site. But you want someone with more experience than that. In our case, we started on Shopify in 2013 and have been featured by Shopify as a case study. We operate in the Shopify Partner Program, have one of the most popular Shopify courses on Udemy, one of the most popular e-commerce podcasts on Spotify, as well as several best-selling books on the subject.

#3 - Are they willing to meet via Zoom and give you a free consultation? This will determine whether you can work quickly and efficiently with them - and have a good rapport. We'd be thrilled to offer that session and discuss your Shopify goals.

When you're ready to explore how we can help you achieve your Shopify goals, you can set up a free 30-minute consult here.

Get A Free 30 Minute Consultation When You Apply For Personal Coaching: As part of the coaching application process we offer a free 30 minute consultation. It is our opportunity to meet each other and discover together if coaching is a good fit. If you're ready to get our personal help. Learn more here. 

If you'd like additional training and coaching to achieve your Shopify goals, consider applying for our coaching program today!

Grateful for the chance to be of help,

Jason & Kyle


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