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Blogging For E-commerce

Feb 17, 2023

Hi friends,

How We got 24,208 blog comments in 12 days. 

From December 25th through January 5th of last year we had 24,204 blog comments on our e-commerce site (Pixie Faire, see them all here). How did we do it? The process we used was not complicated, not technical, and not overly expensive. You could do something similar. In this week’s Tip Of The Week video, we explain how. (This is free educational content - no opt-in is required).

Here is a screenshot of just 1 days:


Massive Customer Insights: What's even more important is that over that 12 day period we learned a TON of information about our customers that is literally re-writing our 2018 planning ... giving us new product ideas ... and helping us understand exactly how to serve our customers better! And no, this is not the first year we've done this... we've been doing this for a long time ... I've just never documented the process, or done any training on Blogging For E-commerce. 

So it probably won't surprise you that this month our Inner Circle training topic is Blogging For E-commerce. It's time to share what we've learned over the years about how to get MASSIVE blog results that help the e-commerce selling process tremendously. Blogging is an incredible tool you can use for a wide range of e-commerce related purposes.

Free Hour Long Introductory Training

Last week Kyle and I sat down to discuss the topic and share our perspectives. During the video I shared the details about how I got the big result, plus our strategic use of Blogging For E-commerce. If you're interested in how (and why) blogging for e-commerce is so incredibly profitable ... I'd invite you to watch this free video. If you're an Inner Circle member you'll receive the full 4-part training this month. If you are a Udemy student, then this course will be live in a month or two. Here's the video:


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If you'd like additional training and coaching to achieve your Shopify goals, consider applying for our coaching program today!

Grateful for the chance to be of help,

Jason & Kyle


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