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Are You A Shopify Black Belt? Find Out Using Our Rating Method

Oct 21, 2022

Hi friends, 

How do you know how good your Shopify skills are? 

In this week’s video, we outline a Karate-Belt type framework so you can evaluate yourself.
Here are the levels we discuss:

White Belt: Has a Shopify site live on the internet.
Yellow Belt: Has generated a sale via their Shopify site.
Orange Belt: Has on-going sales occurring via Shopify.
Green Belt: Has 3 months of $1,000 a month in sales.
Brown Belt: Can generate $1,000 in sales in 24 hours, at-will (and has previously done it).
Black Belt: Can generate $10,000 in sales in 24 hours, at-will. (And has previously done it).
1st Degree Black-Belt: Has generated over 1M in sales via Shopify.
2nd Degree, over 2M
3rd Degree, over 3M
4th Degree, over 4M
10th Degree, over 10M
Shopify Sensei: Over 10M in Shopify sales

Watch The Video Here:

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Grateful for the chance to be of help,

Jason & Kyle



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