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July Shopify Site Build Take-Action-Group Overview And Final Reminder

Nov 10, 2020

Hi friends,

Tonight at midnight Pacific enrollment for our July Take-Action-Group closes. Yesterday Kyle and I "went live" (for our tip of the week) and then discussed the July program. If you want to join us, sign-up here.

Kyle and I made you a quick video overview:

Here is what you get:

Small Facebook Group: Each participant will be invited to a new Facebook group On Sunday July 1st, which we’ll use to handle conversations and content sharing for the month of July. Access to it will be available after the month is over, but conversations will be shut off. 

Daily Take Action Planner:
On Monday, July 2nd, you’ll receive a 31 day Take-Action Daily Planner. This will give you a specific action step you can take that day, to work toward your site launch. 

5 Monday Q&A Sessions: Each Monday at noon (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th) we will “Go Live” in the Facebook group to answer questions live, screenshare . The 2nd will be our kick-off conversation where we go over everything. The 30th will be our wrap up conversation where we conclude things. These videos will be saved in the group, so you can watch the replay as needed. Of course, you can ask questions in the group any time and we’ll jump in and answer each day. 

Over The Shoulder Videos For 2 Site Builds: Kyle and I will be adding over the shoulder videos throughout the month documenting our site builds for Camping The Easy Way and Outdoor Theory. 

Sunday Night Email: Each Sunday night you’ll get an email (July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) to prep for the week ahead and recap the prior week.

Site Reviews: If you are willing to share your work with the other group members, and would like to have us look at the progress you are making on your site “live” during our Monday Q&A, then let us know. We are happy to do a screen-share, look at your site with you, and answer questions. Unfortunately, for scheduling reasons, we cannot do this except during the Monday Q&A time.

Accountability: This is a "Take-Action-Group" so we are going to work with everyone to help ensure the Daily Take-Action Planner is followed.

Our Assist To Get A Good Site Setup: We won't be happy unless every participant ends the month with a site that has the following attributes:

  1. A visually beautiful site- with very nice lifestyle photography that "clicks" with the ideal customer for the site. 
  2. Awell designed site- that has a logic and order to it so customers can navigate it quickly and easily.
  3. A high converting site- that has the right set-up to maximize sales.

If you'd like additional training and coaching to achieve your Shopify goals, consider applying for our coaching program today!

Jason Miles


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