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3 Reasons Blogging Is Awesome For E-commerce

Oct 15, 2021

Hi friends,

Recently Kyle and I sat down and had our second in-depth conversation about blogging for e-commerce, (this month's in-depth training topic for our Inner Circle program). In this video we discuss:

  1. The 3 core reasons blogging is awesome for an e-commerce business.
  2. The 4 largest sources of referral traffic on the Internet and how blogging supports them.  
  3. The #1 reason blogging is amazing for e-commerce - The half life of a socially created traffic asset.
  4. How to get into "flow" as a writer to blog faster.
  5. Why blogging for e-commerce is not as flashy and popular as other marketing topics, (but how that is a big newbie mistake).
  6. What you get when you move fast without experience.
  7. Understanding the probability of success with your marketing efforts.
  8. How the time investment vs. money-investment choices work.

Join the conversation now...

I sincerely hope. you'll take the time to implement a blog in support of your Shopify and/or e-commerce efforts. It will pay you back for years to come.

Honored to be of help on your journey,



If you'd like additional training and coaching to achieve your Shopify goals, consider applying for our coaching program today!

Jason Miles



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