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6 Months Of Personal One-On-One Coaching With Jason & Kyle

Kyle and I are thrilled to be working with a growing list of amazing one-on-one consulting clients. If you're goals are to grow your business, build better systems, and enjoy more of what you do...then we have a program designed specifically for you.

What You Get: Our one-on-one coaching is geared toward the following activities: 

  1. Video Calls: These calls are your chance to brainstorm with us, solve technical problems with our help, be held accountable for due dates and task completion, and hear honest feedback (kind but firm). We generally do these calls every week or at the pace you're most comfortable with.

  2. Daily Access: We are available daily to answer quick questions or help solve problems via Facebook Messenger.

  3. Access To All Our Program: As with our Inner Circle Group Coaching Program, you also get access to all our training programs and products.

What Do We Cover:
We build your coaching experience based on your goals and business objectives. This can include a range of topics: Branding, Product Development, Sales Channels (Amazon/Etsy/Ebay...etc), Shopify Design/Optimization, Traffic Strategies (Contests, Influencers, Paid Ads, Email, Content, Social Media...etc), Business Systems, and Scaling. Our goal is to help you identify the most pressing need in your business and solve it. The process includes clarifying your goals, and then the process steps to achieve them.  

Who This Program Is Ideal For: This program might not be right for you. It is designed for:

  1. Action takers: We will not meet with people to discuss the same thing repeatedly without progress being made toward mutually agreed upon goals. So, taking action toward your goals is a requirement.

  2. Established Business Owners: If you are just starting out with no online experience, this isn't the right program for you. Save your money, and take a few months to establish things before considering this option.

  3. Ethical People: We do our best to be ethical, honest, and 'above-board' marketers and business owners. We only want to work with the same. 

Why Is It 6 Months: Some things take time, but we believe you should be able to get up and running at a high level after a few months, so a 6 increments seem like a wise approach. We are happy to have clients sign-up again after the initial 6 month period. In that way, we can continue to assist as your business grows.

We Might Respectfully Decline: There are numerous reasons why we might not be a good fit as your coaches. So, with no disrespect intended, if things just don't "click" we will politely end our coaching work with you. No hard feelings and we hope to stay connected.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Jason & Kyle


Tony. G

"If you’re thinking about hiring Jason and Kyle for coaching, here are 3 reasons I’m very glad I did:

  1. You get TWO top-notch ecommerce guys that bring different skill sets and experience to the table. Jason has had great success with digital products on the Shopify platform and writing books, while Kyle has been a shining star on the ultra-competitive Amazon marketplace. Having this wide range of experience can help you discover which options are a good fit to propel your business forward.

  2. Having weekly check-ins/discussions helped me stay on track and keep moving forward with my business.

  3. Jason’s and Kyle’s contest strategies were game-changing…from the contests themselves, to how to run them for maximum impact on my business.

 Nancy A.

"Within just a few sessions, I received some VALUABLE information which made a huge difference in my business which I immediately implemented!  It almost doubled the members of my membership program in less than a month’s time! 

I was ecstatic – I was amazed!  With their help, I’d been able to do, in only a month’s time, what I’d been trying to accomplish for several years!!

And, that’s not the only impact they had on my business. I also was able to spend some time on a call with Kyle as he taught me how to make my Facebook ads more affective by creating “Lookalike” audiences. I had known for a while that was something that would increase the effectiveness of my Facebook ads, but it was complicated to do, so I’d never taken the time to figure it out. He walked me through each and every step!

So, after only a few calls, the time spent with Jason and Kyle increased my monthly income considerably. I can see that with each year passing year I will still be reaping the benefits of the knowledge they shared with me.

I highly recommend their priceless coaching. I’m sure it will make a difference in your business as it did in mine!


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