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Free 1-Hour Webinar: From Amazon To Shopify

Presentation Highlights:

1:30: The reason to consider going from Amazon To Shopify.

4:54: How much time are you spending going from idea to idea without a solid long-term plan?

5:30: The real problem we are all trying to solve for as ecommerce sellers.

6:08: What can be achieved when you begin to solve the real problem.

8:00: Example - how one simple product can create dramatic wealth.

11:00: Our story and why we're so passionate about helping business owners sell online.

15:55: Is your current sales system creating the result you want?

16:50: The 4-Tests Of A Successful Brand - and how to pass them.

17:00 Test #1

18:00 Test #2

19:00 Test #3

20:40 Test #4

22:30 The Lean Startup Method-For Shopify Sellers

28:15: Overcoming the 3 biggest challenges of creating a successful Shopify Ecommerce website.

28:30: Challenge #1 - The biggest challenge with launching a successful Shopify site.

30:30: Challenge #2 - Overcoming the most difficult part of managing a Shopify website.

32:55: Challenge #3 - The Direct Response Marketer's challenge applied to Shopify ecommerce.

33:55: The simple formula to make a Shopify ecommerce website work effectively.

35:52: The 3 things you need to succeed on Shopify explained.

36:20: What would it feel like if six months from now you had a professional and profitable Shopify site set up in support of a thriving brand?

37:26: If Shopify is right for you - you have two paths going forward.

38:00: Why we want to work more closely with people moving forward.

42:00: The highest rated Shopify course on Udemy is...

44:22: Q&A



Join us in the Winning On Shopify mentoring program! Get training and mentoring focused on launching and scaling your Shopify site and e-commerce business.

You've found some success selling online... now it's time to create your signature brand - launch a Shopify website that supports it - scale it up - and crush your goals.

You've already learned more than you might realize - and you can bring your knowledge of online selling into your Shopify experience and make the transition to a new and exciting level.

The program includes:

Module One: Branding Foundations & Niche Selection - in this month long process we'll go deep into your niche audience, product selection and branding strategy. At the end of this module you'll have clarity on the niche opportunity, the product strategy, and the brand that will resonate with your ideal customer.

Module Two: Shopify Site Structure & Build - this is the work everyone wants to jump into. In this month long process we'll coach and mentor you as you implement your Shopify site. We'll even jump into your site for you as needed - and help resolve issues.

Module Three: Traffic Stacking Methodology - With a target market, a product, a brand and a beautiful Shopify website, you're ready to begin building traffic to your site. In this exciting module we'll walk you through proven organic (and free) promotional tactics that are proven to work.

Module Four: Paid Advertising - Understanding how to make paid traffic pay is the heart of Module Four. We'll walk you through paid campaigns that you can implement, test, and scale up.

Module Five: Analytics & Scale Up - Understanding the results of your promotional work is the key to scaling an ecommerce business. In this month-long module we'll walk you through how to gain analytics competency and begin learning your numbers at a professional level.

Module Six: Site Review & Enhancements - The art of constant optimization is the focus of our final module. We'll walk you through a framework for continuous improvement and teach you how to refine and improve things quickly and efficiently.

We've designed this program so you'll get real results - join today and let's begin building your ideal online business.

About The Instructors: Jason Miles and Kyle Hamar have sold millions on their Shopify sites and directly manage ecommerce sites in multiple niches. They also teach Online Marketing and Analytics at Northwest University as Adjunct Professors. 


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