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Shopify Power Mastermind

The Shopify Power Mastermind is a weekly meeting of Shopify sellers who are focused on becoming better Shopify store operators.


"Your personal talent to manage your site with wisdom, precision, and excellence is the single most significant element in the success equation. Those with a high degree of professionalism in their Shopify tradecraft - win. When you get better - your site gets better." - Jason Miles


This group is designed to help you accomplish this in two ways. First, to give you ideas and insights that you can implement in your stores. Second, and more importantly -- give you a community of other store owners on the same journey as you. What we learn from each other pushes us all further.


The Content We Will Be Covering:

  •  4 Ways To Double Down On Data Insights
  •  11 Ways To Double Your Average Order Value (AOV)
  •  17 Ways To Double Your Product Catalog
  •  22 Ways To Double Your Conversation Rate
  •  40 Ways To Double Your Site Traffic
  •  12 Ways To Ruin A Perfectly Good Shopify Business


Who's In The Group?

The Shopify Power Mastermind is a group of our current coaching clients that come together each week to share, learn, and support each other via Zoom video sessions.
  •  It is also open to like-minded e-commerce sellers, by application only.
  •  The group includes successful sellers who are scaling up on Shopify, Amazon, WalMart, eBay and Etsy.
  •  Most are 'omni-channel' sellers who take advantage of multiple sales channels. It's an amazing group of 6 and 7 figure e-commerce operators.


Small Group Method

The group comes together weekly using a structured schedule to maximize personal benefit and learning, while at the same time giving back to others. We do that by using a “Wins & Challenges" format one week, where we all share our 'real-life' with others in a trusted and supportive environment. Then the next week we do a technical training topic the next week.

Trusted Connections

The Shopify Power Mastermind was assembled from our coaching clients that have demonstrated their competency and marketing ability. They are proven operators that have successfully built their businesses over years. Maturity, kindness, and positive support make this group a trusted place to learn and grow.

Sharing What We Know

The technical sessions are frequently taught by group members that have mastered a specific marketing tactic or tradeskill. They frequently pioneer the use of a new app or marketing concept in their own business, work out the challenges and problems, and then after having proven success, they share it with the group. These sessions are powerful and include specific details and helpful Q&A. We are looking for group members that are willing to share what they know as well as the specifics of their business.

Technical Training Library

New members receive replays of the groups prior technical trainings as well as a huge library of training from Jason and Kyle. Some of the recent technical topics include: Text/SMS Marketing, Profit Habits, Email Marketing Tactics, Amazon Ad Strategies, Customer Funnels In Shopify, Making A Digital Product In Support Of Your Physical Good Business, Shopify Apps We Love, Shipping Optimization, Cross Sell & Upsell Strategies, Live-Selling QVC Style, Creating Paid Memberships, How To Skyrocket Pinterest Monthly Views, and more.

More About Your Leaders

Jason Miles and Kyle Hamar are both successful e-commerce business operators. They bring practical and up-to-date insights to the conversation. Their goal is to serve e-commerce sellers with honesty and integrity. They approach e-commerce like a tradeskill in any other industry. They are passionate about your success.

Apply Today

We accept new members in two ways. First, current coaching clients are eligible to participate. Second, we accept new members by application on a limited basis. If you're interested in joining we encourage you to apply today. You'll receive a follow up meeting invitation to discuss the details with us.