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Omni Rocket Sourcing App

Imagine having products sorted by store? With Omni Rocket Sourcing App, you can do just that! If you walk into a Walmart, you can easily pull up the list of your products from Walmart so the app becomes your shopping list!!

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OmniRocket Toolkit

The new Legendary Toolkit gives you a new way to look at Amazon listings and reduces your research time when sourcing! This can replace RevSeller.

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OmniRocket Console

One stop shop for all Amazon Account management tools including reimbursements, accounting, feedback generation/management and keyword research.

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Sales Estimator

Built in sales estimator so you can check estimated sales velocity on the go.


Store Buy Lists

Organize your finds by store and easily look them up under the corresponding store. You can also download your shopping list for each store

Faster Performance

Built with Speed in Mind Because Time is Money



We display brand and category restrictions with an option to be auto approved.

Buy Lists

Save and upload your finds into Inventory Lab with our downloadable buy lists on excel files.

Check Prices on Ebay

Compare prices across Amazon and Ebay for any product


Historical Knowledge

Check the history of ASINs on the go



90 Average Best Seller Rank

Have you always wondered how a product has performed historically? Now you will know any items average 90 day sales rank

How Many Do I Buy?

Our custom algorithim can give you an estimate of how many of an item to buy so you can avoid costly storage fees


Boost Your Hourly Wage


Oftentimes, you scan potential products only to find out they don't exist in the Amazon catalog or they are unprofitable. With Legendary Sourcing, this all changes. With a click of a button, you will unlock a multitude of potentially profitable products to sell all coming from one product!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Recently we asked sourcing app users to share their perspective with us, here are several of their responses.